Work experience at RELOC

More than a job

The decision to work for RELOC is commitment of the soul, first of all.

We are not just looking for employees, but dedicated and talented people who have the passion for excellence and for “Made in Craiova” railway products.

Instead, we are committed to taking care of you by providing a pleasant, performing work environment, a competitive financial package, the chance to work in teams with the best specialists and the opportunity to promote within the organization.

We are mindful of experienced people, but also keep an eye out for young people with outstanding talent for the railway industry.


 Inspired and involved lives

We believe in responsibility to the communities in which we live and work. Social Involvement Programs are the way we leave our mark on the economic, social, or environmental aspects of the local community and even at national level.

We already have partnerships with high schools and Universities in Craiova and are getting involved in the professional training of young people, by offering are specialty practice for high school and university students.

We have created an inclusive and diversified work environment, because different perspectives offer the best and most creative ideas.

Your professional development doesn’t concern only you. Whether you want career guidance or an opportunity to develop new skills, your professional growth also counts for us. You can experience different opportunities at Reloc and Grampet Group, moving between the many companies in our holding’s national or international locations, and in various jobs without having to take it from scratch in each new company.

We put people at the center of our strategy, because with each employee’s contribution we create the environment in which we work and the performance we achieve. We have implemented and continue to develop actions to support and support our employees, because we know that no one should be left behind.