Who is RELOC

Reloc – Electroputere has always been at the forefront of innovation in railroad traction. Increasing the efficiency of diesel-hydraulic locomotives and reducing pollutant emissions is a very important objective for our engineers, who have begun a broad research and have the possibility of implementing a battery-powered electric propulsion system, as well as a radio control system at Distance for LDH 1250CP and LDH 450CP locomotives.

This breakthrough of engineers at Reloc – Electroputere VFU Craiova brings many advantages to railway operators, who decide to use this innovation for their maneuvering activity:

1. High net reliability and reduction of operating and maintenance costs;
2. A simplified and ergonomic driving system, remotely or onboard the locomotive;
3. Reducing the number of accidents and shunting times
4. Complete elimination of fuel and lubricants consumption and, implicitly, negative consequences on the environment;
5. Optimum use of traction force at the adhesion limit by soft control of electric drive motor;
6. Security and protection for shunting personnel and rolling stock;
7. Real-time diagnosis of locomotive operation;
8. Continuous monitoring of operation and maintenance,
9. Creating a human-machine friendly interface;