Industrial electronics

To meet the demands of technological developments, our company has laid the foundation for the development of an electronics department.

Within this department, the design, manufacture and testing of a variety of electronic power and command equipment are being carried out, which currently equip new or upgraded locomotives.

  • Embedded digital electronics;
  • Data acquisition systems;
  • Event monitoring and dispatching systems.


Power electronics


  • Traction converters;
  • Choppers;
  • Inverters;
  • Converters for supply of auxiliary services.

Projects in the field of microelectronics


  • Development and development of electronic command and control equipment for railway and urban vehicles;
  • Design and development of GPS monitoring and data transmission systems using GSM;
  • Implementation of real-time, vehicle and cloud-based data transmission and storage systems;
  • Development of “black box” systems;
  • Design and development of programmable automation systems for passenger cars;
  • Making friendly human-machine interfaces;
  • The design of mechatronic systems for driver interface.

Vehicle control and control equipment

Power electronics projects


  • Development and construction of electronic power equipment for traction, inverters and choppers with elevated energy parameters;
  • Development and construction of electronic power equipment for auxiliary services for all types of locomotives;
  • Design and development of equipment for passenger cars, power supplies in four voltage systems;
  • Design and development of complex equipment for EMU and DMU;
  • Testing of interoperable traction and control systems;
  • Making modern traction equipment for locomotives powered by Li-ion batteries;
  • Manufacture of electronic equipment for battery powered urban electric vehicles;
  • Development of “green” power equipment.