RELOC took over the production activity of the Resita bearings factory

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RELOC. has made an extremely important acquisition that strengthens the company’s position in the railway industry sector. At the end of 2016, RELOC took over the production activity of  bearings at CUZINETROM Resita, a renowned company in the field.
Negotiations for taking over the manufacturing business lasted for about a year. The new entity resulting from the take over will operate under the name of Reloc SA.


primul semicuzinet turnat de SC Reloc - pl.Resita

The first semi-bearing cast by Reloc


Reloc has hired locally and in less than 3 months since taking over the bearings factory, the staff has soared from 0 to over 30 employees. The strategy for the development of the company’s activity aims to increase the number of employees for 2017 by at least 50%.

At the Reșița point of manufacture the tradition of manufacturing bearings and semi-bearings in many constructive forms, for the manufacture of DIESEL engines, SULZER engines (12LDA 28, 6 LDA 28), MAYBACH engines and ALCO engines will be furthered. The company also intends to develop, in a very short time, the manufacture of carbon brushes, rubber metal elements as well as other activities.