Repair and maintanance




RELOC performes both revision works for locomotives in operation, in order to ensure their maintenance, as well as planned repair works. In addition, LDH locomotives are also being re-motorised.
The repair works are done in accordance with the regulations and instructions to date for the railway industry,  and aim to restore the functional parameters so that the locomotives will function normally between the two scheduled repairs.

• repairs to various types of diesel-electric locomotives (LDE) of 1250-4000 hp;
• repair of electric locomotives (LE) of 3400 kW, 5100 kW and 6600 kW;




We have carried out scheduled repair work on electrical frames belonging to internal and international beneficiaries. On repairs, the sub-assemblies and the electrical frame assemblies are subjected to a series of checks and tests on the repair flow in order to receive and verify the quality of monitored parameters.


When the fames exit the repair process, we guarantee traffic safety and the safety  of the railway system in critical situations, following the operational reliability indicators and ensuring the greatest number of units available between two planned repairs.




RELOC has completed reconstruction projects, planned repairs with or without upgrades, for power head engines.

Within these repairs we also make constructive changes to increase reliability, increase traffic safety, increase driver and passenger comfort, reduce maintenance costs over the 4-year service period between two planned repairs.

The most important modifications are:

  • Replacing the diesel engine with a new diesel engine meeting environmental standards;
  • Replacing the manual gearbox with an automatic gearbox equipping the multiple unit control units;
  • Replacing the hydrostatically driven cooling system with a very efficient electric drive system.



We repair bogies for locomotives with power between 450 HP and 6700 HP.

The final assembling tests are carried out on specialized test stands that attest to the quality of the repairs.

For diesel-electric locomotives, with power up to 4000 hp, held by S.N.T.F.C.
“CFR CALATORI” S.A. (National Railway Passenger Transport Company) as well as by the industrial companies, we carry out scheduled repairs type RR, RG, RK and also accidental repairs meant to bring the locomotives back to normal, after a certain period of use.



For traction motors with powers of up to 900 kW, the repair process can result in the complete rewinding of the stator and rotor, depending on the complexity of the damage.


The final tests performed on the test stand certify the quality of the repairs in accordance with UIC-standards of the International Railways Union.




For diesel engines with powers up to 4000 HP, repairs are done by bringing the moving parts that have been wornout during operation at nominal size. Diesel engines repaired are adjusted and tested at the test stand, thus recognizing the quality of the repairs.




We perform repairs to turbo-hydraulic transmissions (transformers-couplings) with power up to 1250 HP. Turbo-repaired transmissions are tested simultaneously with the locomotive in order to reach established normative parameters.



The main transformer is repaired by removing it from the tank by bringing it to normal parameters. The repaired aggregate is tested on a special test stand in accordance with UIC-standards of the International Union of Railways.




The repair process has variable complexity, being done by the integral rewinding of stator and rotor for generators with powers up to 2800 kVA.

Repaired generators are tested on specialized stands to verify the operation of all parameters according to international standards.

For diesel-hydraulic locomotives with power up to 1250 HP owned by industrial companies, we will carry out scheduled repairs type RR, RG, RK to restore vehicles to normal after a certain period of use.